CMaize is the top-level project of the CMakePP organization. It is this project which package maintainers should use to write their projects’ build systems. Consequently, CMaize’s documentation is the documentation to consult for generic help when it comes to building a project that uses CMaize.

Users that want to create a new project using CMaize for their build system should check out the Overview of CMaize and its features, the guide to Using CMaize as Your Build System, and CMaize’s API documentation. These sections contain the information you’ll need to get started using CMaize with your project.

If you are attempting to build an existing project that uses CMaize please see Building a Project That Uses CMaize. This section contains a guide on building projects that use CMaize, solutions to common problems, and details on more advanced build features.

Information for developers looking to help develop CMaize can be found in Developing CMaize.